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Keeping safe while being ready for any coronavirus infection

More Ealing primary schools send pupils home as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection in pupils and/or staff. Fielding has no confirmed coronavirus cases in pupils or staff, yet. We are talking to other schools and learning from their experience. A review of our risk assessment and protective measures has resulted in:

  • staff who work across more than one class 'bubble' now wear a protective full-screen visor and/or a face-mask. This is to further reduce the risk of infection being passed on. It adds to distancing, hand-washing and good personal hygiene;
  • pupils (and staff) are encouraged to wear under-layers on cold days along with Fielding sweat-shirts and/or a fleece. Windows will remain open to keep good ventilation. Room ventilation is an important protective measure to reduce the risk of airborne infection. Our heating will go on but classrooms are likely to be colder than usual. Outer layers - coats, hats, scarfs, gloves - are not to be worn indoors;
  • all visitors will wear a face-mask and/or full-screen visor to reduce the risk of infection coming into a protective bubble;
  • pupils have named seating spaces during school meal service so that we can trace close contacts in the event of a confirmed case;
  • pupils can have some contact during PE and sports lessons as we adjust our teaching to match sports' national governing body guidance.

This week we:

  • are encouraging parents to be ready with your own childcare if we are forced to close a class and/or year group 'bubble' as a result of a confirmed infection, including at very short notice;
  • are asking parents to check your readiness to use Microsoft Teams at home so that learning continues if your child needs to self-isolate and/or our 'bubbles' close;
  • have tested and improved our arrangements in the event of a positive coronavirus test in a pupil or member of staff - thanks to the parents who worked with us on this. We are now better at tracing close contacts from home and through the whole school day - including childcare, specialist clubs and teaching groups. This means we will close to as few pupils as possible if we have a confirmed case;
  • prepared plans for childcare in the event that the school is forced to close as a result of any local or national lockdown.

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