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Your child's medical needs - please check details

During this time of school closure we are continuing to work behind the scenes to get My Child at School (Bromcom) ready to use for booking trips, music lessons and clubs when we reopen.

It is vital that the information we hold in the system is up-to-date. We have transferred all of your child's medical details from Laser to Bromcom. The 'medical' section in your child's details has been switched on in My Child at School.

Please could you log on and check the information we have. If any details need to be changed, please email us at for the attention of Jacqui Lacey.

To check details:

1. Long on to My child at school, desktop version

2. Click on user profile (top right of screen (small person)

3. Click student details

4. scroll down to 'medical' at the bottom of the page


Please note, during this transition time we will continue to run Laser and Bromcom alongside each other. So please continue to keep medical details in Laser up-to-date.


Please email any changes by 5th May 2020.

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