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Get ready to return to school

We are looking forward to welcoming every pupil and every member of staff back to school in September. School opens to all pupils on Thursday 3 September. Nursery, breakfast club, after-school club and some specialist clubs are all open.


The government expects all schools to open fully with every pupil returning to their school:


Safety of pupils, staff and parents along with giving pupils access to a full curriculum are our highest priorities. We are following a range of protective measures recommended by the government to keep everyone as safe as possible and reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus.


Measures such as staggered break times, increased hygiene and handwashing, and children remaining in consistent class or year group 'bubbles' will all contribute to minimising risks, while allowing us to get back to doing what we do best – teaching and learning. Desks in classes are all forward facing to reduce the risk of pupils spreading coronavirus. Adults will socially distance, with greater distance when they work across different 'bubbles', for example, our specialist teachers. We have steps in place for managing any child showing symptoms of COVID-19. 


Sirius and Canopus class group 'bubbles' for Reception and Year 1 pupils last year return to their original whole class groups:


We will publish our 'welcome back to school' guide for pupils and parents to read together on Friday.


Parents can help us by getting ready for the new school year:

  • Uniform, attendance and behaviour expectations all return to normal. 
  • Use longer staggered start at morning drop-off between 8.30-9am to help you keep to social distancing.
  • Preferred gates for each age group to manage the flow of pupils and parents and help you keep to social distancing. You don't need to stick rigidly to the preferred gate. Please use common sense and help us to help you keep your distance from others.
  • Face coverings for children under 12 years old in schools are not recommended. Bins for disposable facemasks will be available at each entrance gate for those who wear a mask to travel to school.


Preferred gates

Parents can support our distancing measures at drop-off and collection time:

  • extended staggered start from 8.30-9am
  • use preferred entrance and exit gates for each age group to spread everyone out across the site and avoid as much crossing paths as possible:
    • Nursery, Nursery gate,  
    • Year R, Coombe Road, P & S classes, Wyndham Road, H & F classes 
    • Year 1, Coombe Road 
    • Year 2, Fielding Walk 
    • Year 3, Wyndham Road, pedestrian gate 
    • Year 4, Wyndham Road, vehicle gate 
    • Year 5, any gate (pupils only preferred) 
    • Year 6, Wyndham Road, vehicle gate (pupils only) 
  • parents are grown-ups and are asked to use gates and times sensibly to maintain 2m distance rather than us trying to check that you are keeping to the preferred gate.
  • as few adults on-site as possible. All Year 6 and as many Year 5 pupils as possible to walk alone, or part-way, to and from school


Low Traffic Neighbourhood

Ealing Council is introducing Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. The Fielding school community is included in one of these schemes. There are benefits and disadvantages of these schemes. The school has a neutral view and has had no discussion or consultation with Ealing Council about the local scheme. Those who walk to school will welcome less traffic. The few parents who drive to school are encouraged to check routes and road closures:


Find out more about returning to school:

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