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Relationships lessons in summer term for Years 1 -6

During summer term in our RSHE lessons, we are focusing on our relationships curriculum and any health lessons that we weren't able to teach earlier in the year.  RSE (relationship, sex education) lessons are included of our summer relationships lessons.


Relationships lessons are now statutory, and will be taught in an age appropriate, respectful way. Pupils in Years 4-6 will be split by gender for some concepts for example puberty and menstruation to enable them to feel confident when asking questions. The content for each year group will be  communicated on year group noticeboards.


There are two non-statutory elements of our RSE teaching;

  • Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), which is covered in Year 4
  • The human reproduction system and conception, which are taught in Year 6.

As these are non-statutory lessons, parents have the option to view the lesson resources before they are taught and can speak to class teachers if they have concerns about their children being part of lessons. Resources for these lessons will be added year group noticeboards  week beginning: 7th June.


Lessons about FGM will be taught in an age-appropriate way in a singular Year 4 lesson. This lesson will be taught in the week beginning 14th June. This important lesson has been planned with considerable research and thought and we encourage parents concerned about this, to look at the lesson resources and speak to class teachers.


Year 6 lessons on RSE will start from week beginning: 14th June. The first few lessons will cover puberty and menstruation, including the elements missed in Year 5. The last 1-2 lessons will be the non-statutory lessons.

Find out more about our Relationships, Sex and Heath lessons here.

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