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Sharing your child’s progress

As you know SPTO (school pupil tracker) has closed. We wrote to you in May last year to explain the changes we have made regarding how we assess your child’s progress. Please see our assessment page for more information:

Pupils in Years 1-6 will be taking part in mathematics and reading assessments during the first two weeks of this term. Teachers will use these tests to assess what children know and what they need to teach next. Teachers will also be assessing your child’s writing against the criteria of the National Curriculum. The outcomes of these assessments will be available to you on MCAS (My Child at School) from the 22nd January.

We will no longer be using ‘golden codes’ and ‘hashtags’ as these were part of our old assessment procedures.

Standardised scores

In MCAS you will see your child’s ‘standardised score’ and whether they are working ‘below’, ‘in-line’ or ‘above’ expectations for their age. We will use the following standardised score ranges:

  • 70-84 - Working well below
  • 85-94 – Working below
  • 95-115 – Working at age related expectations
  • 116+ - working above (greater depth)

Standardised scores are not the same as ‘scaled scores’ these are used at the end of key stage 2. They are also not the same as ‘age-standardised’ scores. These are similar but are adjusted to take age at time of test into account.  We are not using age standardised scores because pupils take end of key-stage tests at the same time with no allowance for age.

Standardised scores from most educational tests cover the same range, from 70 to 140. Therefore a pupil's score in mathematics and reading can be compared directly using standardised scores. A pupil’s standardised score can also be tracked from test to test to monitor whether progress is being made. 100 is ‘average’.

If a pupil’s standardised score goes up significantly, it means they are making more than average progress. Conversely, if a pupil’s standardised score falls significantly, they are making less than average progress and may need to be monitored more carefully.

Measuring progress

Your child's progress from the end of the previous key stage (end of reception or Year 2) will be described as:

  • Well below expected
  • Below expected
  • At expected
  • Above expected

Children in our Nursery and Reception classes will continue to be assessed by their class teacher against the different areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile.


Read our article on MCAS, to find out how to log on:


Parent consultation meetings

Parent consultation meetings for pupils in Reception to Year 6 are scheduled for 3rd and 10th February.  You will be able to discuss your child’s progress at these meetings. Slots for parents’ consultations will be available to book from Friday 17th January on MCAS.

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