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Parent donations, class sizes and childcare income update

Around 160 families make a regular donation to the school each month. Thank you. Three months since launch:

  • parent donations: 557 donations, totalling £15,079;
  • class sizes, classes have or will increase with 2 extra pupils in each class, up to 8 extra pupils in each age group : 
    • year 3, +6 pupils with 2 places offered to parents,
    • year 4, +7 pupils with 1 place offered to a parent,
    • year 5, +4 pupils with 4 places offered to parents,
    • year 6, +7 pupils with 1 place offered to a parent.
  • childcare income: on target to meet our plan of £280,000


This means:

  • parent donations: we could receive £60,316 in a year, if things stay the same.
  • class sizes: likely to fill remaining vacancies, resulting in at least £114,848 of additional government funding.
  • childcare income: uptake was higher than expected during the summer holiday, so we could exceed our target depending on how parents use childcare for the rest of the year.


Overall, these estimates suggest that we are below our total target of £221,633.


There is a fine balance between sharing this information, reminding those who want to make a voluntary donation while not putting any expectation on those families who do not want to make a voluntary donation.


If more families make a regular donation of £10 per month, we can still meet our target and keep everything that matters most to us next year. If you would like to start making a regular, voluntary donation to the school, please contact us for our bank details:


Find out more about the need for parent donations:

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