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Staying safe using WhatsApp whilst staying connected

During these tricky times, lots of us are relying on messaging and video calls to keep connected to friends and family. Whilst this is important, we still need to stay aware of using technology safely. We know from previous conversations with our older pupils that lots have access to I messaging and WhatsApp on different devices. Some children have told us they know they can overuse these to send silly messages to each other which can result in pupils waking to more than a hundred messages.  While we would like them to feel connected with friends, we would just like to remind children about the importance of not overwhelming people and check they fully know how to use WhatsApp safely. The NSPPC NetAware website has lots of information for parents about a range of Apps that pupils use, including the risks they might contain and age restrictions and guidance. There is a page explaining the potential risks of WhatsApp and tips on using safely. There is also guidance for other popular apps: Zoom, Houseparty and Instagram.

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